Tallinn 2011 presents: 60 Sec


Peter von Baghs speech
in Port of Tallinn on 22 Dec 2011 :

Good evening. I come from a far-away country called Finland - a land of 10000 lakes, ice-bears, knife called puukko, school murders - and an even bigger tragedy at hand, something that happens to be a theme worldwide, the death of cinema - now the theme of this most innovative installation by Veiko Õunpuu and Taavi Eelmaa.
Film is always a definition of a fleeting moment - it used to be eternity - the old film had a unique material beauty in it. Aki Kaurismäki says: 35 mm film is light - digital is electricity.
Film, real film used to be definition of life - another dimension that gave us space to dream. It was an alternative reality - which thinking of the tragic 20th century was clearly a more human one.
We are here today at the funeral of this magnificent achievement - technical and artistic – an invention that gave a century a human face.
CIT "I go to the cinema, to be able to look into a mirror, albeit for a moment, that does not lie and deride." CHECK
Now the whole world has been degraded into a huge marketing machine of Hollywood kind of stereotyped cinema. The over-speed digitalization means that the greedy business interests - sell, sell, sell - have taken over everywhere with the backing of stupid superficial governments, film foundations and cultural institutions. Invasion of Barbarians!
CIT "...people's pure and spontaneous creativity is subordinated to business, rapacity, practical thinking, narrow-mindedness, and cowardice."
I congratulate Tallinn for this closing event as European Capital of Culture. Film is a fine metaphor of culture in general - creator of meaningful dialogue, an inspiration of inner liberty that is now threatened by commercial ruthlessness. The people behind this 'cultural year' had courage to pay homage to artists and art, and to express irony about our age of packing, merchandising and producing with only cash in mind.
And most of all I pay respect to Veiko Õunpuu, Taavi Eelmaa, and the group behind this poetic concept that reflects an understanding of random - the greatest gift of filmmakers according to André Bazin. We will witness how individual visions of 60 seconds transform into a collective work, exactly like film is always intensively individual and a life lived together - this is a short life of a vision, corresponding the short, lost century of cinema.


Flying in the face of the cynicism of marketing, production, business operators and the moral majority, a group of directors from all over the world came together to screen, once and once only, a collage film entitled 60 SECONDS OF SOLITUDE IN YEAR ZERO dedicated to preserving freedom of thought in cinema.
The film will not be marketed or distributed in any way, shape or form, the copy will be destroyed.

A special construction comprising a 20x12 meter cinema screen and a projector will be built for the event which will allow the actual filmstrip to be burnt at the same time as the film is shown. The audience will experience the screening and the performance from approx 20 m from the screen.

Where: Port of Tallinn, cruise ship area 
When: 22.12.2011